Sandra Jewell, Spiritual Medium and Healer

Art of God

Sandra has completed her studies with Art of God, based in Southern California and is now the Coordinator of Art of God Vancouver. The mission of Art of God is to bring humanity into alliance with Earth so that Nature on our planet can be rebalanced without the enormous loss of millions or even billions of people in the process.There is a very specific experience of consciousness transmitted in Art of God. For example, founder, Brooks Greene-Barton emphasizes that unity consciousness is only sustainable through uniqueness, distinction and diversity. When one owns their uniqueness they are then not only able to be present to the light that unifies, but they are present with a deep experience of responsibility, humility and surrender to the authority of that light. All aspects of the self then harmonize within that light, allowing a sense of presence that opens universally to the authority of creation itself. To state it briefly: authority of uniqueness, allows authority of light, which allows authority of creation, which is also ownership of the self as God.

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