Sandra Jewell, Spiritual Medium and Healer
Specializing in Reconnective Healing® and The Reconnection®

Helping You Achieve Balance of Mind, Body & Spirit Through:
Reconnective Healing® and The Reconnection® • Intuitive / Psychic Readings / Mediumistic Readings/Auragraphs & Spirit Art

Sandra is a Spiritual Healer who received her initial training in Spiritual Healing at The Arthur Findlay College of Spiritualism in England. She is also a Certified in the following modalities: Reiki, Signature Cell Healing™, Heart Resonance Therapy and Reconnective® Healing/The Reconnection®.

In December of 2004, Sandra began to experience unusually strong sensations in the palms of her hands. These sensations became so intense that she sought medical treatment, and underwent many medical tests. However, there was no relief until she attended Eric Pearl's Level I/II Seminar in Vancouver in April 2005. Having read that Eric's hands "blistered and bled" on first exposure to the healing frequencies of Reconnective Healing, Sandra realized right away that she might also be manifesting these frequencies. After her Personal Reconnection, she went on to attend Level III in Portland in June 2005, and in September 2005 became one of the first 12 Certified Level III practitioners of Reconnective Healing/The Reconnection. Her life shifted so dramatically that it lifted her out of "retirement" into her new career as a Medium and Reconnective healer.

Sandra's focus is on helping others to heal themselves in mind, body and spirit through her readings and healing. She also teaches classes in Spiritual Awareness and Development. Sandra is a member of the Association of Holistic Practioners and The Spiritualists' National Union of Great Britain

Book a private reading or Reconnection Healing® or The Reconnection® with Sandra by phone (604) 521-0469 or by email

Appointments can be booked to take place at Sandra's New Westminter location or The Burnaby Healing Center, Dominion St, at Boundary Road