Sandra Jewell, Spiritual Medium and Healer

Auragraph Readings

Sandra has been working with auragraphic readings and spirit art since studying at Arthur Findlay College of Spiritualism in England. An auragraph is a clairvoyant piece of artwork. In a similar vein to a tarot card or a crystal ball reading. An auragraph can give you more insight into your strengths and challenges and help you to understand where you are at this particular time of your life. No two auragraphs are ever alike; each is the only one of its kind and is totally unique to the person for whom the auragraph has been commissioned. Sometimes Spirit Guides or souls of loved ones who have passed over make their presence known during auragraph readings and their presence, and guidance, shapes and becomes part of the artwork.


Spirit Art
Spirit art is a visual representation of the spirit communicator or guide. This is different from an auragraph. Some spirit artists "see" the image of the spirit communicator, while others "feel" the image. Sometimes it simply materialises as pencil or chalk is applied to paper.


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